Implants are pieces of metals inserted in your jaw bone


Implants are pieces of metals inserted in your jaw bone to work like a tooth root. (This may be the simplest definition I have ever given for such important entity.)Implants are mainly made by Titanium (a chemical element) and are neutral in your body.
How orthodontists make use of implants? The answer should be categorized as:

  • When a patient looking for the Orthodontic treatment comes to my office with one or more implants in her/his mouth, it is not possible to have a proper treatment planning for her/him. Implants cannot be displaced at all! So, we may be able to provide a situation to move the remaining teeth if it makes a better function, aesthetic, or phonetics. So, we don’t like examining a patient with implants already in oral cavity.
  • Sometimes, we are planning to terminate orthodontic treatments with some spaces remaining to be filled by implants. In this way, we provide our implantologist with the needed space and root positions. This is a favorite treatment aid. When one or more teeth are missing, it can be considered to be in this group.
  • Sometimes, we deal with patients who don’t want to wait for the treatment to follow its processes. They look for a detour to terminate the treatment earlier. I strongly resist. It is not an acceptable method to deal with the spaces in oral cavity.
I have heard patients who think implants are “replacements that do not need any considerations”. I explain that implants need their proper hygiene consideration, not smoking,… they  can show degrees of gingival recession that opens the implant to the oral cavity and story begins…

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